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Why I Dress Like Muslim Despite Being A Pastor – Pastor Alabi

Pastor Alabi
Pastor Nureni Alabi
Why I Dress Like Muslim Despite Being A Pastor – Pastor Alabi

Pastor Nureni Alabi is one that cannot be missing in a Christian gathering due to his appearance as a Muslim Scholar. Having spent years as a Muslim, he encountered Christ under Decross Gospel Mission founded by Evang. Ebenezer Obey.

During an exclusive interview with the Independent Newspapers, Pastor Alabi shared the story of his life and conversion.

According to him, “I am from a predominantly Muslim family. My father was an Alhaji and my mother was an Alhaja. Before my conversion I sent my wife to Mecca, who is now a Deaconess by the special grace of God.

“It may also interest you that all my children completed their Qur’anic education. At a particular stage in my life I was seriously searching for God. I started learning Arabic so as to be able to read and understand Qur’an. All attempt made to engage my Imams failed because they felt that I won’t come to them again after my knowledge of Qur’an.

“When I changed accommodation I decided to have a new Imam but my spirit refused me. I heard a voice saying ‘you are yet to know me’. One day I was invited to Decross Gospel Mission on a Tuesday Service, 14th February 1995, where I heard the voice again saying ‘I am here’.

“This voice came when the altar call was made and I willingly came out to give my life to Christ as demanded. Since then I have followed Jesus through the mentoring of the General Overseer, Evang. Prof. Ebenezer Obey Fabiyi, Rev. JB. Odofin, Pastor Robert Adeagbo, the Registrar of Decross Institute of Ministries.

“I also had occasion to go on missions to various fields and attended conferences on mission. This development helped me in my assignment on crusades. I must mention that my conversion caused a lot of reactions from my father and other family members who insisted I must renounce my new faith.

“However, God Almighty saw me through this turbulent period of my life. When it was exactly one year after my conversion, my wife followed me to the church and was also saved by the Lord Jesus Christ. Thereafter, all my children got saved in their individual institution of higher learning. Today my entire nucleus family is saved to the glory of God.”

On dressing like a Muslim despite being a Christian, the cleric said, “Yes. I dress like a Muslim, though I am a Pastor so as to express my love for my brothers and sisters in Islam. The way I dress has nothing to do with my salvation.

“As long as you dress modestly you have not committed any sin. God looks at your heart as you relate with Him and not your dress. Christianity is a relationship and not a religion. Jesus said, whoever wants to worship God must worship Him in Spirit and in truth according to John chapter 4 verses 23 to 24.”

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