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Nathaniel Bassey Reveals Date For 2018 Hallelujah Challenge

Hallelujah Challenge
Nathaniel Bassey at the Experience 2017
Nathaniel Bassey Reveals Date For 2018 Hallelujah Challenge

After an initial teaser post on Instagram, the popular singer, Nathaniel Bassey, has revealed the date for the 2018 Hallelujah Challenge.

Unlike the first one, which lasted for a month, this year’s online event will be different. This time, it will hold for only 14 days, from the 25th of June through the 9th of July (excluding the 6th of July).

Nathaniel offers an explanation in an Instagram post writing: “Spent sometime praying to know if we should do this. And while in Liberia praying, I had the release to do so. But I’ve just seen 14. And I’d rather stick with that. A number of you have asked to make it one month. But it’s not to me to decide. But who knows. Meanwhile, get ready!”

This year’s midnight praise, prayer and worship session comes with specific guidelines. Before the 14-Day event, the singer urges everyone to partake in a 7-day “praying in the spirit” exercise from 18th - 24th June 2018. During these seven days, there will be a 3-hour prayer chain, one of those hours will be done live on Instagram.  The purpose is to prepare spiritually for the event.

In Nathaniel’s words, “I’ve learned that in our kingdom, anything of value must be cooked in the place of prayer and the word. And while in Israel, the Lord spoke some great things to us. And we can only anticipate a glorious future ahead.

“We want SOULS SAVED. We want to experience personal, National and global revival. We want to see JESUS LIFTED HIGH. The sick healed. Dead things coming alive. Reconciliation and Restoration in our homes, churches, and cities. Will be sharing a song or two that will ring through the challenge. And trusting that we receive new ones as we go.”

Bible verses to be used for the prayers include Psalms 89:20–29, Psalm 46, Isaiah 54:15–17 and Proverbs 18:10. As usual, the challenge will hold from 12 am - 1 am, live on Instagram and Facebook.

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