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Devotion: Divine Silence? God Speaks!

Divine Silence? God Speaks!

June 14th, 2018 | Psalm 50:1-6

Sooner or later, God always chooses to speak in ways we can hear. In the words of the great hymn writer Fanny J. Crosby, “The Lord Will Answer Prayer”: “His eye foresees our greatest good, / While we at best are weak, / And thus in wisdom He withholds / The boon that oft we seek . . . Then murmur not, but trust in Him / Who knows our every care, / And better far than we can ask, / The Lord will answer prayer.”

Though God may at times seem silent, the ultimate reality is that He speaks! Throughout this section of our study, the question mark after “Divine Silence” has indicated that this is our perception, not the reality. Theologically, we know God is omnipresent, always faithful, and always loving. Experientially, however, we don’t always feel the reality or power of these truths. Our emotions are real, and God cares about them, but they can create misperceptions, so we should not be slaves to them. The psalms especially model this complex dynamic of faith for us.

Psalm 50 shows the faith that knows God will speak—and for believers, the utter joy of the moment He does! Sinners, though, should be afraid, which is why God is pictured here as a judge. He speaks with authority to summon all the earth to His courtroom (v. 1). His glorious justice is beautiful and perfect (v. 2). Whereas other psalms wonder how long it will be before evil is punished, here the time for accountability has now arrived. God will no longer be silent (v. 3). Verses 4 through 6 make clear that the target for judgment or discipline is God’s own people, based on their covenant.

Days of reckoning are coming. The One who spoke the universe into being will also speak—in the perfect timing of His perfect plan—perfect justice!


Just as David used his emotions and faith to write psalms, consider using your own emotions in creativity and faith. You might compose a poem, prayer, or song. You might also paint a picture or craft a sculpture. Since we’re made in the image of a creative God, exercising our creativity can strengthen our faith!

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