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Devotion: The Sure Sign of the Son

Devotion: The Sure Sign of the Son

Isaiah 7:1-17 | July 5th, 2018

The phrase “between a rock and a hard place” describes the desperation we feel when caught between two bad options. When money is tight, do we forego food or medicine? When the boss asks us to be unethical at work, do we refuse and lose our job or compromise our principles? How do we have hope when it appears there are no right answers?

Facing an overwhelming coalition of forces from Syria and Ephraim, King Ahaz threw his lot in with Assyria, hoping the great superpower would protect Judah. Then the Lord sent him a word from Isaiah the prophet, a message appropriate for a child of God facing great human enemies.

The name “Shear-jashub” means “The remnant shall return.” The Lord would preserve a people for Himself in keeping with the promises made in the Davidic covenant. A remnant— smoldering wicks that look like raging fires—and future judgment when Ahaz is too old to enjoy it might not seem like hope. But it is, because it was the Lord’s assurance to Ahaz that He has absolute control of the situation. And the Lord’s assurances are always trustworthy.

The promise of judgment did not mean, however, that Ahaz would see prosperity. It only meant that he would see the Lord act faithfully. God will provide Immanuel: He Himself will be with us.

Our circumstances can be hard, but Christ did not promise easy decisions for this life. He does not promise prosperity. He does promise that our inheritance in Him can never be corrupted or destroyed. He does promise that we can make the hard choice to remain faithful to Him, and He will never let us go. We might not get the answer we want, but we will have the strength we need.


Ahaz faced real threats from Syria and Ephraim. The challenges we face in life are also real. God never pretends that these difficulties don’t exist, and we don’t have to sugarcoat our struggles. But we must also not forget that God’s promise is real, and He is “God with us.” Jesus intercedes for us. The Holy Spirit indwells us. We are His beloved children.


Pray with Matthew, an Eritrean leader of a refugee church. When Matthew’s faith was discovered, he was imprisoned in a military camp. Once released, he made the difficult decision to flee Eritrea. Now he witnesses the heartaches and challenges of those who search for freedom beyond Eritrea.

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