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Pope Silent Over Calls For Resignation

Pope Francis - sexual assault
Pope Francis celebrates Mass (Source, Crux)

Pope Francis has refused to answer accusations that he knew about alleged sex abuse by a former cardinal and allowed him to serve unpunished.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano also accused Francis of covering up reports of sexual abuse by a US cardinal.

The pontiff was asked about the accusations by reporters on his flight back to Rome after this weekend’s Papal visit to Ireland.

He said he would not say a single word in response to the 11-page letter from Archbishop Vigano.

When asked about the letter by a journalist he said, “I will say sincerely that I must say this, to you, and all of you who are interested: Read the document carefully and judge it for yourselves.”

“I will not say one word on this. I think the statement speaks for itself,” the Pope said.

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