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Download Mp3: Daniel Ayisi – Yahweh

Download Mp3: Daniel Ayisis (Danny Danny) - Yahweh

Ghanaian gospel artist, Daniel Ayisi, popularly known as Danny Danny, is out with a brand new medlodius worship song titled, Yahweh.

This song is a fusion of Ghanaian Akan language and the English language.

Realising his talent in the early twenties, Danny Danny had to stand firm against the desires of relatives and later the spouse who preferred he concentrated on his Accounting profession and shun doing music.

In a way, they were understood because of his inability to do some good works like the others around. Day by day were sleepless nights composing and correcting composed songs for the right footing.

Listening to the music of others on television and radio were some of the other times he used such stuffs to redress what he did. His rejections by producers strangely encouraged him all the more with the notion that he was still not okay.

In a related development, he travelled to South Africa in 2015, to seek greener pastures. Using the opportunity to further work on the talent amidst the influence of the various genres of music in South Africa he record a single track calling it Wonderful Drink and back home Ghana he recorded his latest single, Yahweh, putting up its jazz version as well.

Download, listen and be blessed!

      Yahweh - Daniel Ayisi


 Lyrics In English

Yahweh, Yahweh, Yahweh, Yahweh
Wonderful God,
Glorious Divine,
Your awesome deeds
Our days we wait on you.
Yahweh, Yahweh, Yahweh, Yahweh
Our God lives, yes He lives, Israel Mighty God He lives.
Our God lives, yes He lives, Israel Mighty God He lives.
Our God lives, yes He lives, Israel Mighty God He lives.

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