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Devotion: The Danger of Falling Away


The Danger of Falling Away

October 10th, 2018 | Hebrews 5:11-6:8

Any serious student of the Word knows that there are some “hard sayings” in the Bible. Sometimes the meaning of a passage is not clear; sometimes the meaning is troubling and difficult to apply. Still others, like our passage today about the danger of falling away,
are hard in both ways.

Nevertheless, several important lessons still emerge quite clearly. First, Scripture highlights the danger of an ignorance of God’s Word. Although the author of Hebrews wants to delve deeper into truths about Christ, the community has become “dull of hearing,” as one translation puts it (5:11, esv). They are still drinking spiritual milk and not eating solid food. As a result, they are unable to teach others and unable to “distinguish good from evil” (5:14). Knowledge of God’s Word would allow them to move “beyond the elementary teachings about Christ and be taken forward to maturity” (6:1).

Second, Scripture warns about the danger of rejecting God. As the passage makes clear, the issue was not merely slacking off in the spiritual life but something much more serious. The author is warning against the influence of people who had seemingly been part of the body of Christ and known the blessing of God’s gifts, word, and power but were now actively rejecting Christ and the gospel. They were “crucifying the Son of God all
over again and subjecting him to public disgrace” (6:6). They are “in danger of being cursed” by God (6:8). While they remained in such a state of active rebellion against God, it would be “impossible” (6:4) to repent.

The pastoral application of today’s passage may be challenging, but one thing is clear: willful rejection of Christ in one’s life is a serious matter.


Studying Scripture is the antidote to the danger of falling away from God. A mature Christian life requires more than a few favorite Bible verses; we need solid food! In addition to your daily study, consider joining a local Bible study or listening to biblically focused preaching on Christian radio or online (moodyradio.org/programs/#teaching).


Pray for Christians in Sri Lanka, especially pastors attacked by Buddhist mobs. Pray that they will continue to stand in the truth despite these attacks, pressing on in serving the Lord.

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