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Marriage has not affected my ministry – Jahdiel

Eben weds Jahdiel
Jahdiel and Eben on their Wedding Day in 2013

Gospel singer and songwiter, Grace Jahdiel Benjamin, has stated that her marriage has in no way affected her music ministry.

Jahdiel who is married to another gosepl musician, Eben, stated this in an interview with the Sunday Swoop.

The mother of two boys stated that, “What I do is ministering, not a career. Through our songs, healing comes to the life of people; so, it is beyond an individual. I couldn’t say because of my music career, I would not marry. The Bible endorses the family; which is the smaller unit of the church.

“When I wanted to get married, I didn’t think it would affect my career because I didn’t see it as one. I see music as something that can inspire people to do the right thing at the right time, instead of being in a relationship that will hurt them and cause them total loss. However, I took a break at a time when I newly got married and started having kids. But marriage didn’t affect my music, as I was still going for events.”

She also described motherhood as the best thing that could happen to anyone on earth.

“Being a mother is incomparable to anything and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It is an awesome experience and I pray for a lot of people to experience it. It makes you selfless and makes you understand how God actually sees you. It also makes you appreciate your parents more as you see what they went through in raising you,” she said.

She is known for numerous popular gospel songs such as Heritage, Winning, Suddenly and Everything is Well.

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