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Biblical Beka Stone Discovered in Jerusalem

Archaelogists in Jerusalem have discovered a small stone mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible knwon as Beka

Archaeologists Unearth Ancient Stone Depicting Jerusalem Name

Archaeologists have unearthed a Second Temple period stone inscription that spells the name Jerusalem as Yerushalayim (as it’s spelled in Hebrew today), rather than Yerushalem or Shalem.

Museum of the Bible Finds Mysterious Manuscript

The Museum of the Bible has found a medieval New Testament manuscript that mysteriously went missing from the University of Athens in 1991.

New Analysis Cast Doubt on Shroud of Turin

A new blood stain analysis seems to have cast doubt on the authenticity of the famous Shroud of Turin, reports say.

Archaeologists Uncover Biblical Gate in Bethsaida

Located north of the Sea of Galilee, Bethsaida is famously known as the site of Jesus’s miracle of the loaves and the fishes, as recounted in the Gospels.

Oldest Fragment of Mark Gospel Discovered

A much-debated fragment of the Gospel of Mark has been dated to the late second to early third century A.D., making it the oldest fragment of the Mark Gospel ever found.

New Dead Sea Scroll Fragment Unveiled in Israel

Previously unseen Dead Sea Scroll fragments, which had been stored in cigar boxes since archaeologists unearthed them in the 1950s, were identified and unveiled at an international conference on Tuesday.

Archaeology Unravels Details About Mary Magdalene

However, new discoveries at Magdala suggest Mary Magdalene might not have been a "woman of the night" but rather an influential and wealthy woman.

Seal of Prophet Isaiah Found in Jerusalem

The hand of the Prophet Isaiah himself may have created an 8th century BCE seal impression discovered in First Temple remains near Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.

Israel Archaeologists Discover Ancient Pool

Israel archaeologists have announced the discovery of a large pool and a fountain dating back 1,500 years at the site of an ancient church near Jerusalem.