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Devotion: Organizing the Church

Leaders for secular institutions are chosen on the basis of education, wealth, personality, or connections. That is different from the qualifications for leaders in the church

Devotion: Equipping the Church

The gifted individuals Paul lists is for equipping the church when it is assembled so that it can live like the church when it is dispersed.

Devotion: All Together Different

One of the first conflicts in the fledgling church involved ethnic prejudice. Believers in the church’s majority culture overlooked the needs of those from a different cultural background.

Devotion: The Birth of the Church

No other organization or institution on Earth is like the church. Whether your church is large or small, its power or effectiveness doesn’t depend on material resources.

Devotion: The Apostolic Church

God cares about the life of the church, and we must seek God’s guidance no matter how mundane the decision may seem to be.

Devotion: The Mission of the Church

The nature of the church’s task requires the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. No matter how persuasive our message might be, ultimately it is the Spirit who convicts people of their sins.

Devotion: The Promise of the Church

The church is not a religious club but an army with the power to liberate others from the power of hell and death through the proclamation of the gospel.

Devotion: The Idea of Assembly

Assembly is central to the church’s identity. The church is not a building but the gathering of those who have been joined to Jesus Christ by faith.

Devotion: The First Community

God’s vision of community looks like a family. The first step in finding your place in God’s plan for the church is to enter into a relationship with Him by faith.

Devotion: Living Under the Shepherd

Scripture returns us to the shepherd imagery, and to the foundation for the entire letter: Jesus Christ, “that great Shepherd of the sheep.”