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Friday, November 16, 2018
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China Bans Online Sale of Bibles

Bibles can no longer be purchased online in China, despite the government publishing a new document claiming that it allows freedom of worship.

China Bans Christians From Church Activities

Effective immediately, believers in China have been put on house arrest and forbidden from having Christian gatherings.

Chinese Lawyers Investigated For ‘Illegally’ Defending Christians

Christian religious freedom charity China Aid, the Christians have been unfairly swept up in a province-wide crackdown on a cult.

Bringing the Gospel to Rural China

The Word of God is spreading in China. Through the faithfulness of Christians around the world, Scripture is being spoken

Dozens Injured as Chinese Christians and Police Clash

Dozens of Chinese Christians were injured trying to protect their church from being destroyed by bulldozers authorized by authorities in Wangcun village

Christian Pastor Detained in China for Singing ‘Jesus Loves You’

A Taiwanese pastor was detained in China for the crime of singing “Jesus Loves You.” Christians in China have continued to face increased persecution...

China Installs Surveillance Cameras in Churches

China has commenced the installation of surveillance cameras in churches for "anti-terrorism and security purposes." This new campaign comes just three years after crosses...