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Devotion: Finding Your Place in the Church

The church is not made up of one member but of many, with each one making its own contribution to the health of the whole.

Devotion: The Church’s Methods

It’s important to understand that Christian freedom has a context...[t]his provides the church with a moral test.

Devotion: Protecting the Church

How do we protect our Churches from false teachers and false doctrines?

The Worshiping Church: A Singing Church

There is no biblical evidence to suggest that God prefers a particular musical style. Read more:

Devotion: The Birth of the Church

No other organization or institution on Earth is like the church. Whether your church is large or small, its power or effectiveness doesn’t depend on material resources.

Devotion: The Promise of the Church

The church is not a religious club but an army with the power to liberate others from the power of hell and death through the proclamation of the gospel.

Devotion: The Idea of Assembly

Assembly is central to the church’s identity. The church is not a building but the gathering of those who have been joined to Jesus Christ by faith.

Methodist Church Warns of Disintegration

Prelate, Methodist Church Nigeria, his Eminence, Dr. Samuel Uche has warned that Nigeria risks disintegration if the ongoing calls for restructuring are not addressed.

Udofia Accuses Leaders of Playing Irresponsible Politics

Udofia called on Christians to be responsible citizens by getting involved in and playing active roles in the electoral process.

Persecution: Top Countries of Concern for 2018

The annual Persecution Trends Report by the U.K.-based group Release International, warns that Christians in three countries look set to face a harsh 2018.