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Devotion: Pharaoh and His Dream {Part 1}

If anyone in the ancient world had reason to be proud or think they were self-sufficient, it was Pharaoh. He ruled a vast empire and was thought to be divine.

Devotion: Joseph in Prison (Part 2)

Joseph was chosen, special, elected, confirmed not just by his father’s favoritism but also by dreams given to him by God.

Devotion: Joseph in Prison (Part 1)

Joseph had again risen to a trusted position within the prison and was given the task of attending to these new inmates. He reminds us here that God alone holds our times in His hand.

Devotion: The Divisiveness of Sin

Philosopher, Søren Kierkegaard captured one of the great consequences of sin: It separates us from God and often from others as well.

Devotion: The One Who Brings Good News

he message bearer seeks to avoid receiving the ire that’s really directed toward the sender of the message. Being a bearer of good news often has the opposite effect on people.

Devotion: Provider of Righteousness

The righteousness of God will never fail. We can have this encouragement to ward off the pain from any reproach of man. We have the approval of God.

Devotion: The God of No Comparison

Set aside time today to thank the Lord for the great things He has done in your life, the lives of those you love, and the life of your church.

Devotion: Deliverance from Certain Death

The king’s reflections after his recovery offer us some insights into a godly response to the trials of illness and pain.

Devotion: Trembling and Taunting

When Rabshakeh, spokesman for the armies of the Assyrian king Sennacherib, came to offer terms of surrender to Hezekiah and Israel, he unleashed great words of taunting.

Daily Devotion: Ariel Unveiled

His words to the inhabitants of Jerusalem—identified here as “Ariel”—specifically focus on the twofaced nature of their approach to the Lord in worship.