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Devotion: The Treasure Of The Kingdom

Citizenship in the kingdom of heaven is the greatest treasure we can possess. But it is something that we can possess only if we are willing to invest our all in it.

Devotion: The Mysterious Majesty of the King

For those of us who worship Jesus Christ, it is easy to imagine that the people who encountered Him in His earthly life had a similar experience.

Devotion: Proclaiming God’s Will

Jesus teaches not only that God calls us to a high standard of living but also forgives us when we fall short.

Devotion: Finding Your Place in the Church

The church is not made up of one member but of many, with each one making its own contribution to the health of the whole.

Devotion: The Church’s Methods

It’s important to understand that Christian freedom has a context...[t]his provides the church with a moral test.

Devotion: Protecting the Church

How do we protect our Churches from false teachers and false doctrines?

The Worshiping Church: A Singing Church

There is no biblical evidence to suggest that God prefers a particular musical style. Read more:

Obedient Practices: Communion

Worship is a lifestyle before it is an event, and God cares about our every thought, word, and deed.

Devotion: Organizing the Church

Leaders for secular institutions are chosen on the basis of education, wealth, personality, or connections. That is different from the qualifications for leaders in the church

Devotion: Equipping the Church

The gifted individuals Paul lists is for equipping the church when it is assembled so that it can live like the church when it is dispersed.