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Silence and Spiritual Walk: The Silence of Grief

The silence of lament is complex, involving patience, restfulness, and faith-filled expectancy as well as grief, which is strong.

Silence and Spiritual Walk: The Silence of Self-Control

Silence requires self-control. Attentively observe the world around you. Pray that the Lord will use this exercise to decrease our self-centeredness.

Silence and Spiritual Walk: Many Words Are Foolish

The beginning of Ecclesiastes 5 makes a simple point: wisdom is associated with silence or few words, while foolishness is associated with the opposite.

Devotion: Divine Silence? God Speaks!

Psalm 50 shows the faith that knows God will speak—and for believers, the utter joy of the moment He does! 

Devotion: Our Feeling of Anger

Why would the Lord use such a vile nation as an instrument of His justice?...Habakkuk felt angry, but he asked his question in expectant faith.

Devotion: Our Feeling of Being Overwhelmed

Overwhelmed from within and without, stressed out and emotionally exhausted, David nonetheless continues to trust God to save him

Divine Silence? Our Feeling of Despair

Despair is a natural feeling in response to the silence of God. As in Psalm 35 yesterday, Psalm 28 cries out to God not to be silent.

Divine Silence? A Prayer for God Not to Be Silent

In Psalm 35, David was in a difficult situation. His enemies were ravaging lions and he was their helpless victim. He was praying for God to come to the rescue.

Devotion: A Quiet Child in a Parent’s Arms

It is the nature of human pride to think we can master our own destinies, build a tower to heaven, and discover all the secrets of the universe.

Devotion: Job and the Silence of Humility

Choosing silence was for Job an act of humility and wisdom. When he finally did speak again, they were words of  repentance.