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Devotional: The Final Reconciliation

Rejoice in the assurance that God is able to redeem even the bleakest of circumstances. This truth is most clearly seen in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

Devotion: In Egypt, but Not of It

The Hebrew phrase here literally reads “officers of cattle,” which was a well-known Egyptian office. It would have allowed Joseph’s family to have legal protection not normally given to immigrants.

Devotion: Joseph and His Family

Our study has focused on Joseph, but our passage today reminds us that the Joseph story is about more than simply the experience of one individual. This is the story of a family, a community in relationship with God.

Devotion: Brothers United

Joseph embraced his brothers, and “afterward his brothers talked with him”. This is more than a throwaway observation.

Devotion: Pharaoh and His Dream {Part 1}

If anyone in the ancient world had reason to be proud or think they were self-sufficient, it was Pharaoh. He ruled a vast empire and was thought to be divine.

Devotion: Joseph in Prison (Part 2)

Joseph was chosen, special, elected, confirmed not just by his father’s favoritism but also by dreams given to him by God.

Devotion: Joseph in Prison (Part 1)

Joseph had again risen to a trusted position within the prison and was given the task of attending to these new inmates. He reminds us here that God alone holds our times in His hand.

Devotion: The Divisiveness of Sin

Philosopher, Søren Kierkegaard captured one of the great consequences of sin: It separates us from God and often from others as well.

Ken Ham: The Ark Encounter to Lit Permanently

The Ark Encounter in Williamstown is lit permanently at night with a rainbow to remind the world that God owns it, Ken Ham said.