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Devotion: A Warning to Persevere

Given all that Christ has done for us, a deliberate and persistent rejection of His grace and mercy leaves us in a very dire situation indeed.

Devotion: Confidence in God’s Word to Us

Where does your confidence lie? If we look to ourselves, we will fall either into presumption...Scripture reminds us that our only confidence must be in God and in the anchor of hope found in His Son, our high priest, Jesus Christ.

Devotion: The Danger of Falling Away

Our passage today about reminds us about the danger of falling away. Scripture highlights the danger of an ignorance of God’s Word.

Jesus, Our Great High Priest

First, because of Christ’s humanity, our high priest “has been tempted in every way, just as we are”. His full humanity means that Christ stands in solidarity with us, including being subject to temptation, and can “empathize with our weaknesses”

Devotion: The Promised Sabbath Rest

Scripture calls us to strive for true spiritual rest in God, anticipating the final rest we will know in Him. Find time to put away distractions today and ask God to help you experience a taste of His promised eternal rest.

Jesus, Our Pioneer in the Faith

Jesus Christ, our pioneer in the faith, also knew suffering. He understands our experience and can help us when we are tempted to despair.

Devotion: The Superiority of Jesus

What is true of our Creator God is also true of the Son: “You remain the same, and your years will never end” (v. 12). Truly, Jesus is far superior to any angelic being.

{Devotion} A New Revelation: The Son

God’s message through His Son is not the first time He has spoken to His people. It is, however, the final and definitive message, the culmination of all that God had been saying in the old covenant.