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South African Pastor Burned Beyond Recognition

The body of a South African pastor has been found "burned beyond recognition" with his hands tied behind his back in a small farming town.

Cairo: Coptic Orthodox Priest Stabbed to Death

A Coptic Orthodox priest has been stabbed to death in Cairo, Egypt. The Coptic Orthodox Church in the UK has decried what he said was injustice.

Catholic Patriarch in Iraq Fear New Military Confrontation

Fears of a new military confrontation in Iraq are mounting among Christians, Iraq’s Chaldean Catholic Patriarch, Luis Raphael Sako, has warned.

Iranian Christians Celebrate New Believers in Mass Baptism

The mass baptism was a joyous event for these fervent believers who ranged in age from teenagers to the elderly.

Nepali Christians Released After Months of Wrongful Imprisonment

ICC reports that four Nepali Christians, were finally released from prison when their sentences for praying for a mentally ill woman were reversed. 

Natalie Grants Seeks Prayers for Upcoming Thyroid Surgery

Natalie Grant said in a Facebook video post that doctors have been monitoring several tumors and nodules for years, but she has scheduled surgery for October 10.

Bibles Sent via Balloons to North Korea

A North Korean defector-activist recently launched balloons from South Korea, containing 1000 flash drives donated by U.S. college and high school students.

Abducted Priest Soganub Rescued in Philippines

Fr. Teresito 'Chito' Soganub was abducted along with other church workers on May 23, when the militant Maute group attacked Marawi, Philippines.

Pakistani Christian Handed Death Sentence for Blasphemy

Nadeem James, 35, was convicted under the country's controversial blasphemy laws on Friday with his lawyer, Riaz Anjum, saying he was framed.

Indian Priest Released 18 Months After Abduction

The Indian Priest was abducted by militants in March 2016 when they attacked the home, killing 16 people, including four nuns.