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[New Release]: Bibiola- Jesus

If you've not heard this song, you've not heard anything like it...Bibiola QBC The multi-talented gospel music minister, recording artist, songwriter from Nigeria is here...

[New Release]: Min. Mercy Sharpe- Jesus Son of God

Nigerian-US based sensational gospel minister and pastor, Mercy Sharpe makes a profound remark with the release of a new prolific tune titled 'Jesus Son...

[New Music]: Vada Ft. Shaunte Nickels- Jesus

Black American Gospel artist and songwriter, Vada releases debut gospel single titled “Jesus” led by Shaunte Nickels and co-produced by DJ Rek the song...

Earliest ‘Image’ of Jesus Found in Israel

The earliest 'image' of Jesus has been discoverd in a circa 6th century Byzantine church deep in Israel’s Negev Desert. 

Archaeology Unravels Details About Mary Magdalene

However, new discoveries at Magdala suggest Mary Magdalene might not have been a "woman of the night" but rather an influential and wealthy woman.

Former Muslim Radical Explains Why He Traded Jihad for Jesus

Jay used to dream about killing Christians and Jews in Jihad attacks around the world, but that all changed when he met Jesus.

Religion: Good or Evil?

Religion is as old as the human race. The plethora of world religions and is ever increasing influence on the mankind cannot be denied.

Music: Evelyn Gospel – Name of Jesus

Nwobodo Evelyn Ozioma popularly known as Evelyn Gospel is a prolific songwriter, gospel music minister, composer and performing artiste who hails from Enugu state...

Was Jesus Sexist? – Lara Buchanan

Was Jesus sexist? Does the Bible degrade women? In this short clip, Lara Buchanan of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) answers.

Famous Shroud of Turin May be Stained with Jesus’ Blood –...

Although the evidence is not conclusive, researchers at the Institute of crystallography believe the shroud is stained with particles of his blood.