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Thursday, March 21, 2019
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Policeman Punished for Preaching in Nepal

A policeman in Nepal has been punished for preaching the Gospel at a public, multi-faith religious gathering earlier this month.

Nepal Bans Christian Conversion

A bill in the South Asian country of Nepal on 'hurting religious feelings' and Christian conversion has come into force a year after passage.

Pressure on Christians Heats Up in Nepal

In a rash of recent actions against Christians in Nepal, an alcoholic who became violent during an intervention had Christian leaders arrested on forcible conversion charges/

Nepali Christians Released After Months of Wrongful Imprisonment

ICC reports that four Nepali Christians, were finally released from prison when their sentences for praying for a mentally ill woman were reversed. 

Hindus in Nepal Turning to Christ

Scores of Hindus in Nepal are turning to Christ, thanks to missionaries who have dedicated their lives to evangelizing the secular state.