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Souls Turning to Christ Because of Family’s Message of Forgiveness


The daughter of the man whose murder was posted on Facebook, Robert Godwin, is sharing how people are getting saved as a result of her family’s message of forgiveness.

Debbie Godwin has been posting messages on her Facebook page from people touched by her and her family’s decision to forgive the man who killed their father.

“I received this inbox below from someone who saw my family’s video on forgiveness.” She writes on Facebook.

“First I want to send my condolences , love and hugs to your family, second I want to share with you as tears roll down my face , the goodness of Jesus , I was a back slider raised by pastors, but let me tell you what got me together on Monday!! You and your family interview about your dad and how he forgave ppl and how he gave you all the tool of life!!!

What a mighty God we serve ! When I found out you guys were a praying family I start rejoicing in my sadness asking God to forgive me of all my wrong doing , even when times I didn’t forgive every grudge I been holding on too! When you guys told the media you forgive Stevie Stevens I’m like look at God!!! What the devil had for bad God turned into God you Got a chance you and your sister to minister to the world and some lived got saved and will be saved !! Ppl got a chance to learn how to forgive !! Especially me!!!! Cause I can fall out with someone who wrong me and be mad a long time! But I learned something !! Thank you Godwin family may your dad rest in Gods loving Arms and know you all will see him again one sweet day !! Love you all 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 sending love from Detroit Michigan”

CBN News reports that  Robert Godwin, 74, died Easter Sunday in a random killing that was posted in a video on Facebook.  His family stunned the world with their message of forgiveness towards the shooter, Steve Stephens.

Over and over again, the message has been loud and clear: That anger isn’t going to do anyone any good and that forgiveness is the only way to find any peace through such a tragic event.

“It’s not just by mistake that we made it here today. God called this meeting,” said Debbie, an ordained minister, as she delivered her father’s eulogy at River of Life Ministries in Euclid last Saturday.

“God has gathered all of us here today…because it is time for the world first of all to know who He is…to know that he is the true and the living God.”

“It is time for us as a nation to forgive,” said Debbie.

“God is changing hearts,” She added.

She shared the testimonies of hope as she and her family hold on to their faith after the painful loss of her father.


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