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[New Music]: Abilityjoe – Gracified

Abilityjoe - Gracified
New Music: Abilityjoe - Gracified
New Music: Abilityjoe – Gracified

Songwriter and worship leader, Abilityjoe, is back with a new single titled, Gratified, produced by Pitar Pyper.

According to him, “Individually we all carry seeds of goodness. But no seed can germinate and ripen without moisture and light. For this reason everyone who truly craves righteousness has to recognize that without God’s help, without His support and guidance, any progress in spiritual life is impossible.

“God’s grace renews our soul, purifies our conscience, enlightens our mind, strengthens in us the faith, directs our will to goodness, warms our heart with genuine love, elevates our thoughts, and revives our whole nature.

“God’s grace possesses the extraordinary power of renewal. This becomes apparent in the profound inner and outward changes that take place in the person who has opened his heart to God.

“God, the father, is the source of Grace. Jesus Christ is the grace of God. Because grace comes from God, it takes God to understand grace fully. Grace is a covenant, to understand grace you need to understand Jesus.”

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