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Wake Up And Play Politics, CAN Tells Christians

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Christian Association of Nigeria
Wake Up And Play Politics, CAN Tells Christians

Emmanuel Agumuo, chairman of Christians Association of Nigeria (CAN), Abia State, has called on Nigerian Christians to wake up from their slumber and participate actively in the electoral process of the country ahead of the 2019 general election.

Speaking to the DAILY INDEPENDENT at the provincial headquarters of the Eternal Sacred Order of Cherubim and Seraphim, Umuahia, on Sunday, Apostle Agumuo said the call became necessary in line with the current sensitisation of Christians nationwide.

He then asked Christians to immediately dispense with the notion that politics is too dirty for Christians and face the present realities in the country.

“In those days, they said Christians do not participate in politics; it is a lie. We want to get involved now. The population of Nigeria is about 180 million and Christians are about 120 million.

“So, Christians are more in number and it is high time we decided how this country should be run. The killing of Christians in the North is getting too much. Nowadays, they no longer kill Christians alone, they now kill even in the mosques. We don’t like it; we are going to discuss it,” he disclosed.

He revealed that the state chapter of CAN had already met with Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) officials at the state headquarters with the appeal that it should send its staff back to the registration centre who, before this time, were withdrawn.

“I had a personal meeting with the INEC on how they could go back to their registration centre and they have agreed. In most areas or villages, registration of eligible voters has stopped. So I went and called them back, that they should go out and register, so that they will have their PVC.

“Every Christian should have the PVC. Some Northern states have recorded about seven to nine million of registered voters. Abia State has only 1.8 million registered voters, and we say, we Christians are more in number. I call on every Christian in Abia State to go out and register and collect their PVCs.

“In INEC offices, there are quite a number of PVC cards that are yet to be claimed,” said he.

He blamed voter apathy to the past experience of the electorate where their votes never counted in the election of their leaders.

Snr. Apostle Arum Okpe, the provincial chairman of Eternal Sacred Order of Seraphim, Umuahia Province, described the recent order by the national body of CAN to Christians to hold a peaceful protest as a welcome development.

He noted that a lot of Christians had been killed for no just cause “There is need to shout. The major assignment of every government is to protect lives and property, and any government that fails to do this has failed.”

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