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Bishop Yahaya Calls for Overhauling of Security Apparatus

Bishop Yahaya
Anglican Bishop of the Kaduna Diocese, Timothy Yahaya
Bishop Yahaya Calls for Overhauling of Security Apparatus 

Bishop Timothy Yahaya of the Diocese of Kaduna in the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to consider overhauling the security apparatus in the country as part of measures to address the security challenges bedeviling the country, particularly the continued unwarranted killings.

Bishop Yahaya stated this in an address delivered at the first session of the 21st synod with the theme: “The Blind Bartimeus” which held at the Saint James the Great church which rounded up on Tuesday in Kaduna.

He emphasised that the abysmal failure of successive administrations in Nigeria to address challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequitable distribution of wealth along ethnic nationalities ultimately resulted to anger, agitation and violent crimes against Nigerian state by some individuals and groups.

According to the cleric, “Since the last four years, there has been dramatic twist on the wave, dynamics and sophistication of insecurity in Nigeria . Insecurity which used to be one of the lowest concerns in the hierarchy of Nigeria’s social problems has now assumed an alarming proportion.

“A time we thought that corruption and power failure have the crown of our problems; insecurity in the country has now taken the centre stage.”

He also lamented that insecurity in Nigeria has now been regionalized, stressing that the militia groups, insurgency in the North, kidnappers in the Eastern and southern part of the country, killing in the west, political and non political calculated assassinations across the nation, adding that, ” the regionalized structure of insecurity has also given rise to the regional unlegislated security formation in the country in a bid to curtail the alarming rate of insecurity.

“The frequent occurrence of bomb explosions orchestrated by the acclaimed religious extremists in the Northern part of the country has assumed a worrisome dimension.

“Thus, the inability of the security agencies to address the country’ s security challenges during these auspicious periods raised yet another critical question on preparedness of Nigeria to attain desired political, social and economic heights in the 2020.”

“It further poses serious threats to unity and corporate existence of Nigeria as a sovereign state. Therefore, addressing the security challenges in Nigeria ultimately requires not only the causes of threats but also a critical evacuation of the performance of security agencies in handling the situation in Nigeria,” he said.

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