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Ahyee is a Ghanian phrase expressing deep worship. One day while my team and I were worshipping we got lost in the Spirit and we were in the “holies of holies”.

Ahyee and the rest of these anointed lyrics are born from an unusual worship experience and we are compelled to share this experience with the whole world.

You will readily feel His presence with this masterpiece as you sing the lines.

Our desire is to rekindle the fire for sincere worship. God is still looking for true worshippers. Enter IN…. (Pastor Empraiz)


Ahyee 3x

Ahyee 3x

Beside You I have no other God 2x

Beside You there is no other God 2x

In heaven and the earth

On the mountain on the valley

Beside You there is no other God

Chinwe ndu mo, the owner of my life

Igbe neche ndu mo, the keeper of my soul

Agwu neche mba, the lion of Judah

Oloro ihe loro ehin(greater than the greatest), Amama masi amasi(all

Onye 3x (who)

Obu onye dika gi (who is like thee)

Onye 3x (who)

Obu onye yiri gi (who is like unto thee)

Only You I know 3x

I have no other God

Ahyee 3x

Ahyee 3x

There is no one like you

No one like You 2x (chorus)

You have done it before

You will do it again (chorus)

Aniewo tente Jehova (who is like God)

Amimoyo Ami nkwe (I have searched all over, none like Him)

You are Holy (chorus)

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