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Until the Heart is Changed, Hate will Reign Supreme

Ravi says it is all about the transformation of the human heart that changes hate to love, and to the transcendent calling of intrinsic worth of everyone.

Ravi Zacharias Eulogizes Nabeel Qureshi

Zacharias described him as "a man of incredible, undying energy," stating that it was a privilege to cover the globe with Nabeel Qureshi.

Program Highlights for Let My People Think – September 2017

Let My People Think is a half-hour program heard weekly of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. Below is the program highlights for September 2017.

What is the Gospel?

Be it prosperity gospels, faith healers and so on, the goodnews (Gospel) of Christ seems to have been redefined. What then is the Gospel? We ask. Ravi Zacharias explains in this short clip.

Let My People Think Broadcasts

Let My People Think is a half-hour program heard weekly. The radio outreach of RZIM mixes biblical teaching and Christian apologetics.

Will Suicide Send One to Hell?

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