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Kaduna Christian Leaders Promise Continuous Prayers for Buhari

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Southern Kaduna, Nigeria
Kaduna Christian Leaders Promise Continuous Prayers for Buhari

The Southern Kaduna Christian Leaders Association (SKCLA) have promised to continue praying for President Muhammadu Buhari’s perfect health and strength to discharge his leadership responsibilities to Nigerians.

The chairman of the association, Bishop Simon Peters Mutum, made the promise while addressing newsmen in Kafanchan, Jem’a local government area of the state yesterday.

According to him, the association joins other well-wishers in thanking God for the life of the President.

He said, “We have observed that since the advent of democracy the unity of this country has never been threatened as it is now the case. It is also clear for everyone to see that the nation is increasingly being polarized along the dangerous fault lines of religion and ethnicity.

“Government’s inability at all levels to discharge their duties in accordance with their oath of office without resort to primordial considerations or non-altruistic motives have led to the non-salutary state in which we have found our nation today. Policies that ought to foster cohesion are missing and as such many sections of the country complain of non-inclusiveness in governance, ethnic profiling, religious agenda, and nepotism, a lack of federal character in appointments, high-handedness, and corruption amongst others.”

He continued, “As responsive and responsible spiritual and societal leaders, it behooves on us at this point in time to declare our stand and lend our voice to those of other Nigerians of goodwill for the salvation and preservation of our country from this ugly trend.

“The call for the restructuring of this nation is not new, but never has the need for restructuring become so obvious and the call become so strident. What this speaks of is that the time for restructuring is now and government and the nation have both a legal and moral duty to listen to the voice of the people in the interest of the survival and advancement of our nation.

“The call for restructuring at this time in our history has become necessary because of the immense benefit restructuring the country into a true federation will bring to the people and the nation.

“No one is in doubt also or pretends to be unaware of the all-important fact that restructuring will go a long way in resolving most of the agitations, and inequalities bedeviling our nation as mentioned earlier. It is therefore time that the structure of governance mechanism gives way to a truly federal structure of government with the capacity to deliver more competitive and efficient services to the Nigerian people.