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Gospel Music Artist Shawn Jones is Dead

Gospel music artist Shawn Jones
Gospel music artist Shawn Jones.
Gospel Music Artist Shawn Jones is Dead

Gospel music artist Shawn Jones died suddenly during a concert in Pensacola, Florida, doing what he loved – praising God. Worshipers witnessed Jones collapse while singing “Worthy Is He,” and though the official cause of death is not official, concertgoers claim he suffered a massive heart attack.

The 32-year-old father of three led the Gospel quartet “Shawn Jones and the Believers” which was known for such hits as “I’m Depending on You.”

The band’s old-fashioned sound was a staple in many southern Christian homes, CBN says.

Jones was also the pastor and founder of the New Thing Empowerment Church of Auburn, Alabama.

In a video from the church’s website, Jones spoke of the congregation quickly growing to over 300 members in less than 4 years. The church sits in the middle of a residential area where Jones said on any given Sunday local residents can be seen sitting on their front porches enjoying the sounds of the services from the comfort of their homes.

Jones believed in reaching people from all socioeconomic standings including those struggling with alcohol and other addictions.  He recounted how after weekly services he would find beer cans in front of the church left behind by men who wanted to come to church but could not bring alcohol into the sanctuary.

These same men would meet Jesus, leave the beer behind and never be the same again. Jones also talked about his ministry with a focus on how Jesus is still making a difference in lives today saying, “I think this is a testimony to really the greatness of our God – that you can come in one way but leave out another way.”

His death earlier this month has rocked the Gospel music world as well as his congregants who remember him as a man of the people.  Jones is quoted as saying “I am my brother’s keeper.”

The church and Jones’ supporters are holding The Shawn Jones Legacy Concert on Monday, November 27, at 6:00 pm, as well as a memorial service on Tuesday morning at Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church.

An anonymous quote on the memorial website sums up the life of this beloved pastor, “No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people and resting in the promises of an able God is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.”