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Winners Chapel Begins Mass Production of Bible

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Worshippers at the Winners Chapel Headquarters
Winners Chapel Begins Mass Production of Bibles

The Living Faith Church Worldwide (Winners Chapel), has announced the commencement of large scale production of Bibles by the ministry’s publishing arm – Dominion Publishing House.

General Overseer of the Church, Bishop David Oyedepo, made this announcement at the ministry’s annual convention, Shiloh, where he stressed that the installation of the automated Bible printing press is the first in Africa.

The Bible which comes in different sizes; small, medium and a larger leather-pack is meant to “reach out to everyone who believes in the Gospel of Jesus” within and across Africa.

While making the announcement, the bishop explained that one of the aims of the production as well as distribution is to ensure that the Bible in print does not go extinct as some of the electronic Bible apps cannot be trusted.

“We are doing the right thing by spreading the Gospel across Africa and beyond. It is not my product, it is God’s; He gave the word,” he said.

He further urged worshippers to see the development as a benefit to the Christian faith, adding that it is a way to “bail oneself out of every predicament.”

While stating that the mass production of Bibles will overtime grow into large scale production of bibles, tracts and other scriptures in French and other Nigerian and African languages, Oyedepo urged the congregation to pray that the production will continue from generations to generations as well as impact positively in the lives of every reader.

The Dominion Publishing House has successfully rolled out over two million copies of Christian books from her press and also distributed thousands of bibles during the annual convention over the years.