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Bishop Oyedepo Advocates For True Change

Bishop Oyedepo
Bishop David Oyedepo of the Living Faith Chapel, aka Winners Chapel
Bishop Oyedepo Advocates For True Change

Bishop of the Living Faith World Outreach, David Oyedepo, has advocated for a true change in the level of attention government is paying to the education sector if the nation must attain true development.

Speaking at the 12th inaugural lecture of the institution on Friday in Ota on the theme, “The synergy between language, discourse and the media in the construction of realities,” Oyedepo said nothing best empowers the citizens better than knowledge, saying that the more enlightened people become the more the solutions they would proffer to the challenges facing the country.

“Nigeria needs a true change. The events of past few months have shown how we are far and far behind, we shall be part of the change. If you enlighten the people you are contributing to the pool of available knowledge and the more the people are informed the easier it is to solve our problems amicably,” he said.

According to the Independent Newspaper, Bishop Oyedepo identified Nigeria’s problem as fundamental in nature, and lamented that the country lacked adequate data on the exact figure of headcount of her citizens, saying that where data is not available they are mere guess works.

Addressing the spending pattern on education, he regretted that where government would set aside about N50 billion for local government a mere N10billion will be reserved for the education sector for a session, saying that invariable N40 billion would have been wasted through misplaced priorities.

On the quality of graduates being produced in the country, he also advised the Federal Government to provide an enabling environment for the educational system to produce quality graduates for the growth and advancement of the country.

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