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Buhari Has Drawn Nigerians to God – Gospel Singer

Gospel singer, Josephine Anumbor-Abraham
Gospel singer, Josephine Anumbor-Abraham
Buhari Has Drawn Nigerians Closer to God – Gospel Singer

Gospel singer, Josephine Anumbor-Abraham, says President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration has contributed immensely towards bringing Nigerians back to God.

Anumbor-Abraham, who is also Chief Executive Officer, Love to the World Initiative, a Non-Governmental Organisation, made the remarks in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Monday in Abuja.

She alleged that prior to Buhari’s administration, Nigerians were not praying for the country as much as they are doing currently.

In her words, “Then there were all sorts of religious gatherings; but everybody was pursuing contract, connections and money. So, people were not praying. Instead, they capitalised on religion and prayers to pursue personal interests. Fortunately for us, President Buhari came into power with a body language that made Nigerians start adjusting.

“The pursuit of selfish interests and connections, characterised the behaviour of most Nigerians previously. People became hopeless with nowhere to turn to. Then suddenly we remembered that there is God and we have started to pray like the prodigal son. Now we have started to humble ourselves before God and He has started to hear us again.”

According to her, with the new trend, Nigeria will be strong again as a community of God-fearing people.

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