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Filmmakers Shooting Movie on Luis Palau’s Life

Luis Palau
Evangelist Luis Palau
Filmmakers Shooting Movie on Luis Palau’s Life

Days after announcing a stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis, filmmakers have began shooting a movie that chronicles the life of beloved evangelist, Luis Palau.

“Did you know some friends of the ministry have decided to do a movie on my life?” Palau revealed in a Facebook post containing a video of actor Gaston Pauls dressed as a young Palau.

At the top of the year, before sharing with the world that he was officially diagnosed with cancer, Palau actually shared that filming on the autobiographical film had started in Argentina. Filmmakers are hoping to have it released in Latin America and the USA in October 2018.

“It’s quite surreal watching someone take on your persona and story. They just created a Facebook page so you can follow along. Visit Palau Movie and be sure to click ‘Like,'” he told his supporters. “Please join us in praying for the movie, that it would honor the Lord and clearly share the Good News.”

In the video that Palau shared, well-known Argentine actor, TV host and producer Gaston Pauls is heard sharing his excitement to begin shooting.

“Hi everyone. We are here at the wardrobe fitting preparing for next Monday [when] we are going to start our film ‘Palau’!” Pauls announced.

“Palau,” which is currently the title of the film, was writen and is being directed by Kevin Knoblock.

Also featured in the film are Alexandra Bard (who plays Palau’s wife, Pat), Santiago Achaga, (22-year-old Luis Palau), Agustin Amoedo (10-year-old Luis Palau), Fabian Carrasco (Palau’s father, Luis Sr.), Darren Dowler (Billy Graham) and more.

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