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Cleric Advocates Peter Obi’s Revolution in Education

Peter Obi
Former Governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi
Cleric Advocates Peter Obi’s Revolution in Education

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Owerri, Most Rev. Anthony J. V. Obinna, has advocated Ex-Governor Peter Obi’s methods of handing over mission schools to the original owners as a template for a revolution in the Nation’s education sector.

Obinna said this during the Education Week 2018 Summit held at the Assumpta Cathedral, Owerri.

Noting the improvement in education brought forth by what he termed “Obi’s revolution” to education in Anambra State, the Cleric called on all those that govern states to study Obi’s template as the sure and affordable way to restore the glory of education nationwide.

He frowned at the claim of some people of doing wonders for the education sector when they have refused to abide by necessary things as Obi did in Anambra State

In his own remarks, Obi, who was presented with the 2018 Award for Outstanding Contribution to Excellence in Education at the occasion, said the problem with Nigeria was neither Mr. Ideology or Mr. Planning, but the inability or lack of courage among the leaders when it came to putting plans into action without minding whose ox is gored.

Recalling the war he waged when he returned schools to her owners in Anambra State, Obi said virtually all interest s were mounted against him, but that being convinced on the rightness of his course, he did not relent.

It will be recalled that Obi returned schools to the Church in 2010 and backed it up with billions of Naira in grants, with which the owners of the schools rehabilitated them.

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