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Methodist Prelate Warns Against Use of Religion to Cause Disunity

Methodist Church Prelate, Dr. Samuel Uche
Methodist Prelate, Dr. Samuel Uche
Christianity, Islam Hijacked By Miscreants In Nigeria – Methodist Prelate

Dr Samuel Uche, Prelate of Methodist Church of Nigeria, has warned Nigerians against the use of religion to cause disunity in the country.

He gave the warning during a visit to Gov. Abubakar Bello of Niger in Minna on Tuesday.

Uche said that Christianity and Islam were religions of peace and love that have been hijacked by miscreants for their personal gains.

“Religion should be seen as an instrument of harmony, integration, cohesion and development. We should love ourselves instead of killing and destroying ourselves.

“You cannot be a governor, President, senator or an honorable member without Nigeria. Nigeria comes first before anything, we should stop using our own hands to destroy our own home and country.

“We should preach peace, love, tolerance, togetherness and forgiveness instead of preaching hatred.

“We should see ourselves as one; brothers and sisters. Forget about our differences in politics and see politicking as a football match. We should forget the difference in political parties and come together as one,” he said.

Uche advised those holding political positions to be objective and fair in the discharge of their responsibility to the people and country.

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