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Be Steadfast, Nathaniel Bassey Tells Youths

Nathaniel Bassey
Nathaniel Bassey performing at Experience 12
Be Steadfast, Nathaniel Bassey Tells Youths

Renowned gospel artist, Nathaniel Bassey, on Thursday advised youths to be steadfast in the activities of God for them to overcome moral decadence but live a purposeful life.

Bassey told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that it had become essential for youths to focus on God because of the increasing decadence in moral values.

“I advise youths to seek God at all times so as to remain relevant in the society.

“Also, God will always guard those who focus on Him against the numerous temptations and moral decadence in the society.

“When you find the Lord, you find yourself and when you find yourself, you find your purpose in life,” he said.

The musician said that gospel music was an aspect of the music industry which up-and-coming gospel artistes could use to convey positive messages to the public.

“Gospel music can never be saturated with an array of musicians because of the abundance of talents that can be discovered while worshiping God.

“The sky is wide enough to accommodate everyone who is willing to be of reputable service to the things that concerns God,” he said.

Bassey said that he was currently working on a gospel conference which would feature a live-music recording to be held later in the year.

He also added that the gospel music had created a platform for him to tour the U.S., Canada and Australia where he had expressed the love of God.

“Gospel music is not about the success of one’s personal story but about the story of Jesus Christ and how it positively relates to you and l,” Bassey said.

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