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Daystar Christian Centre To Begin Saturday Service

Daystar Christian Centre
Daystar Christian Centre
Daystar Christian Centre To Begin Saturday Service

Daystar Christian Centre, a Pentecostal church founded by Pastor Sam Adeyemi is set to begin worshipping on Saturdays in an addition to its Sunday services.

The “eccentric” (unconventional) service would kick off on the evening (6 to 7 :15pm) of Saturday, April 7, 2018, at the Oregun, Ikeja location of the Church.

The Church in a tweet announced that members or nonmembers have options of either attending the Sunday services or the “groundbreaking” Saturday services as the Church stated that: “Eccentric yet Easier…Disrupt the status quo; raise your standard!”

Meanwhile a reported statement signed by Kenny Folarin, chief operating officer at the Church, said the Church choose to embark on this concept to ensure those who work on Sundays do not continue to miss services.

According to him, “In a mega-city like Lagos, where many people would love to be in church on Sundays but for unusual schedules and work demands, our Saturday worship service offers that unique privilege to worship God while you attend to work or other things on Sunday.

“For our regular and prospective members, this also presents the opportunity for easy parking space which may be an issue on an average Sunday worship service. In God’s presence, all days are the same with His favours and blessings.

“Our worship services are value-adding, life-changing, transforming. This Saturday worship service would be in addition to our normal Sunday worship services; 7am, 8.45am, 10.30am and 12.15pm. Worshippers can now have options of attending based on their schedules and preferences.”

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