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Ajibowo launches Christians, Arise! urges Unity

Christians, Arise!
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Ajibowo launches Christians, Arise! urges Unity

Inspired by the need to address the division among Christians, Managing Director and Publisher of Learning Spring Publishers, Olurotimi Ajibowo, recently launched a book in Lagos titled Christians, Arise! with a sub-theme ‘A Wake-up Call to Our Role and Purposes as Christians and God’s Church.’

In attendance were church leaders, organisations, students and theologians from far and near, the Guardian reports.

The author said God inspired the book with a reference from the bible, specifically ‘Acts of the Apostles’, which focuses on the church in the light of God’s word that illuminates present challenges and provides divinely-inspired solutions to many facets of Christian life and ministry.

A regular speaker at the Contending for the Faith Seminars, Ajibowo said Christians and churches have deviated from the purpose of God and that the church today has enthroned worldly values, embraced humanistic ideas, including the pursuit of wealth, comfort and attendant lifestyles and has forsaken the foundation principles and doctrines of the kingdom of God.

The author lamented that rather than nurturing disciples for God, the church is producing members and church-goers, adding that despite the sheer number of church denominations, there are no changes, neither are they affecting the environment.

“When the ministry offices abandon the will of God today and begin to concentrate on meeting human needs by using the word of God, it is total abdication of duty and the scriptures also provide copious evidence of our derailing from God’s standards,” he said.

While expressing displeasure over the level of concerns shown towards the last Dapchi girl, Leah Sharibu, who is still in captivity, Ajibowo bemoaned the indifferent attitude of Christians towards one another and the division in the different denominations, which he said is responsible for the state of the country.

Chairman of the occasion, who is also the Senior Pastor at Living and Healing  Streams Church, Isolo, Lagos, Rufus Adegunju, said the book is a wake up call to redirect all Christians worldwide to God’s agenda.

He said as Christians, created with the sole purpose of serving God, the main focus must be to unite and live as one regardless of the denomination and making Jesus uppermost in whatever they do.

Managing Director, 141 Worldwide Limited, Lampe Omoyele, who reviewed the book said it reveals the challenges facing the Christian faith and provides solutions to addressing the issues.

Omoyele also said the book presents the basis for self-examination in the light of the scriptures and taking the gospel to the nations of the world as witnesses before the end of the world.

While delivering his keynote address ‘The Church: God’s New Direction,’ Provost of Grace Springs Bible College, Ilupeju, Lagos, Dr. Ebenezer Kayode, who also edited the book, said Christians misunderstand the church, adding that lack of same vision has led to the division in the church.

While recommending the book to Christians, Kayode, however, said the church must come together and realise its goal on earth, which is to unite as one under Christ regardless of denominations.

He added that God wants to use Christians and the church to bring his promises to pass among the nations of the earth.

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