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Christian Bikers Preach Against Drug Abuse

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"Say No To Drug Abuse". Christian bikers campaign
Christian Bikers Preach Against Drug Abuse

A group of Christian bikers known as Chariot of Light Christian Superbikers Association of Nigeria, are raising their voive against drug abuse in the nation.

According to the Sun, since these bikers are often erroneously assumed to be the culprits in drug abuse, they have decided to lead the charge.They had a national convention in Abuja, where members of the group made critical interventions on how to fix this national menace and how government and Nigerians can play their roles.

National president of the group, Pastor Samuel Babatunde, alleged that until all the security agencies purged their agents of drug abuse, the war against hard drugs would be a mirage. He said a visit to many barracks in the country, will reveal the huge consumption rate of hard drugs by security agencies. He added that because civilians are not allowed to move freely around barracks, they may not be privy to the high rate of drug abuse there.

He, however, revealed how his group intends to partner  with other stakeholders. He listed some religious groups and other key government institutions they intend to partner with to deal with the scourge.

“People often think that because we are bikers, we are consumers of hard drugs. we want to change that perception. For instance, I am a pastor and a biker. We want people to be aware of this fact.

“It is good to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, but we think that dealing with the issue of drug abuse is another way to handle that. We are visiting prisons and other places to share this gospel of drug abuse. It is something we are passionate about.

“We will partner with Christian bodies so that they can talk about it during church services. We want to partner with some key government agencies to ensure that this message is well received. We want to help our youth who are the future generation of this country,” he said.

Another member of the group and a psychiatric, Dr. David Adekola Prescott from Ibadan, noted that the country risks an unproductive future if its youth keep abusing hard drugs.

According to him hard drug causes retardness in brain development and in turn stops maturity.

A member of the board of trustee, Tunde Ebidevo, however cautioned government on music censorship. He said bad music inspires Nigerians to take to hard drug.

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