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Cleric Tasks Christians to Participate in 2019 Elections

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Cleric Tasks Christians to Participate in 2019 Elections

A cleric, Pastor Akeem Idoniboye, has called on Christians to participate in the 2019 elections in the country.

He noted that seeking elective positions would enhance the growth of the in order to advance the kingdom of God in Nigeria.

Idoniboye, who is the Lead Pastor of the Glorious Destiny Family Church, spoke on Sunday while preaching at the Church’s auditorium in Borokiri, Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital.

According to him, “There are seven mountains in life according to Revelation 17:9 and number one mountain is Politics or Government. Except God’s people rise up to take over government; to take over politics, some heathens will seat in the helm of affairs and mess us up.

“Politics is not a dirty game, it is the men who play the politics that are dirty. There is no profession in its sense that is dirty; their is not chosen profession in its sense that is dirty. Even in the ministry, there are dirty people.

“You cannot take because of few riff-raffs that ran into politics to mess up and now say, politics is a dirty game, no. Politics is too serious a business for us, Church folks to leave for the heathens. If we leave if for the heathens, one day they will close up the Churches.  It is one of the mountains God’s people must take over.

“You are in Church, go and stand for election. Show your face. Join PDP, join APC, join Labour Party. I am not advertising any particular political party but join any party. There is no political party that is bad. All the parties are vehicles to get to the throne.”

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