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Nepal Bans Christian Conversion

Nepali Christians
Christians in Nepal

A bill in the South Asian country of Nepal on ‘hurting religious feelings’ and Christian conversion has come into force a year after passage.

According to Premier News, at the time of passing it, human rights concerns were voiced about the law limiting freedom of expression and the potential for it to be abused to excuse violence against religious minorities.

Clause 158 of section 9 of the Bill, which criminalises the ‘hurting of religious sentiment’, is similar to the blasphemy laws in Pakistan, which make it a criminal offence to insult another’s religion.

There are people who seem to favour the ‘No Conversion’ plans though, with social media pages set up to document street evangelism which is intrusive.

CBN reported last month that bad treatment of Christians had intensified in the run-up to the law coming into effect, with a couple deported and accused of evangelism and pastors receiving death threats.

Nepal is secular legally but mostly Hindu in population.

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