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Sexual Purity; Beyond Gender Shades.

Mimi Okwara

I don’t know how to continue this sanitation from yesterday’s. Because it’s unthinkable and true that our society, over generations, made some concepts,  a participle of just one gender shade.

Many times,  I’ve been termed a pro-feminist… because of what em’ callers know best. But that not withstanding, I’d keep saying IT (what ever it is that I am saying).

Last week or thereabout, I almost shrinked at the flying in of some rumpled idiosyncrasies somewhere around here; suggesting that virginity(hilariously) and Sexual purity is just but a Lady-thing. Comments that says to tell me stuffs like;

“Most men respect ladies that *kept/saved themselves till marriage…and see those that didn’t have a bank account as loose, forever promiscuous and never to be trusted (thereby unanimously inputting a happy and blissful marriage validation powers on the *virginity of the woman [hymenal presence; it is that thin flesh that will hold the marriage and probably hold the man from jumping over the fence…lol]).”

You know why I refused to be confused?

It’s because the scriptures are very clear on issues…no matter what your filthy religious mind tells you to be spewing upandan.

1: Virginity isn’t Chastity. Now, one could be both. Hallelujah! Nevertheless, a person with no hymen and is pure in heart and mind is no different from a person who has. Infact, God will not ask for the state of your hymen before he inputs unto you his righteousness…

Now,  the hallmark of Chastity is Purity. And God commands ALL to be pure…not just the Ladies. It’s a fool’s thinking that because there isn’t a substantial verification for the virginhood of a male human, he, therefore is exempted from the rule of Chastity. Such a deceit!

I mean, he could gallivant all he wants and retire to the village for a virgin bride… (Kamoru’s whip will come upon you like Tsunami).

Our bodies(male and female) are God’s temple…including all organs of interest. No gender is exempted,  else you make God a liar. As a matter of fact,  in Christ,  there is no male nor  female…we all are sons of the most high.

So, gerova that deceit. Your marriage is consequent of your decisions…not on human biology. If you’re expecting anything from your partner, be sure that you’re true to that also.

I think that’s where the Sanitation will start. Remember to always leave thrash for LAWMA or the nearest Waste Management Agency.

Yah Bless y’all.

Written by Mimi Okwara