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[New Song+Lyrics]: Tosin Koyi- Afini Mona

afini mona

The sounds of Tosin Koyi culminates in excellent delivery of great inspiration over vibrant rhythms and a wide range of musical genres. The baritone timbered delight has an undeniable consistency in creating top-notch literature that delight the heart of listeners.

The sensational Generation Y virtuoso has enjoyed a profound heritage of musical excellence, developing an undaunted attraction towards vocal arts whilst observing his elder siblings amongst which is Tox, a runner up in the UK IDOLS, 2007.

Saved at a very tender age of 7, Tosin lived a rather conservative life right until about 18 years of age. Shortly after his birthday, he received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, which set a fire burning in him for his Saviour. That event marked the beginning of the Tosin Koyi we now experience today.


You’ve got the master plan
You know the paths that I will thread
Right from the start until the end
You order my steps

Though I’ve got the liberty
To make a choice on what I want
Yet I will choose to trust You, LORD
In all of my

Afini monà
Afini monà
Afini monà

Afini monà oh
Afini monà
Afini monà

You are my Father
That’s who You are
Show me the way
Show me he way