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[New Song]: Austin Adigwe- In You Alone I Trust

in you alone i trust

Austin Adigwe is an anointed gospel music minister. He released a brand new single “In You Alone I Trust”. As this song reminds you that trusting God can secure peace and hope during great trials of life. Relying on God totally is one of the most important decisions that would make life worth it.

“I have complete confidence that God is able to take care of any situation and provide an answer to any situation at all. He has all the resources of the universe to bank on, helping each one of us go and grow through challenges, only if we trust in Him-Austin Adigwe”

Relying on self or man can be misleading, leaning on your understanding too will not yield a lasting result, choose to trust in God today and He’d direct your path…

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Every time I think of your great love
My heart rejoices, my soul exalt you, Lord
When I’m down, you hold me in your strides
I may not know, but in you alone I trust

Oh Lord
Oh Lord
Oh Lord
In you alone, I trust (2x)

Be exalted

We worship you (2x)