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[New Music]: Ifeeh Sado- Overcome


US-based gospel minister, Ifeeh Sado releases her debut single, “Overcome“ which is a song of Victory and Faith in God.

According to Ifeeh; “This song is very near and dear to me. It came from a very personal place. My daughter (I call her MyRib) and I were going through dark storms where we thought we were not going to make it.”

“We were almost consumed by the weight of fear and anxiety but God pulled us through it in a way I could not even explain. He surrounded us with so much support that it was overwhelming.”

“We “overcame” and it was while we were still going through it that the song came to me with the words – ‘I have OVERCOME, fear has no power over me’.” 

Her mission is to encourage everyone going through hard times, Ifeeh did this well through the wonderful lyrics of her song – “This song is a message to everyone out there dealing with anything. Be it fear, depression, anxiety, family problems, mental health issues, sickness, even this pandemic, whatever it may be. Believe that God has got you. He has never failed. Continue to trust in Him and know that because He lives in you, you have surely OVERCOME”.

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