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covenant god
The award winner of the 2012 Enugu State World Music Day and top contestant in Destiny Child Gospel Music Talent Hunt, Season 2, Maji Sharon Chika Mba release a new heavenly single titled “Covenant God”. Maji aside from being a gospel music minister and songwriter is also a lawyer
Speaking about the song, she said, ”Covenant God is a soulful gospel song to the Creator, reminding the populace and the world at large of the covenants God has kept previously as stated in the Bible and our Covenant God doesn’t change and HE is THE SAME
TODAY(same testimonies and miracles are still available), hence, the need to be encouraged and focused with faith, righteousness and grace”.
The beautiful piece was produced by Dr.Roy

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Verse 1:
Heaven and Earth will pass
But your word remains
Your word is yea, yea and Amen
I have tasted and seen
The faithfulness of God
You never change
Covenant God is the same today

Seek ye first his kingdom
And his righteousness
All other things will be added
God’s not a man that he will lie.
Dry bones shall rise again
As the stars shall your seed be
I shall supply all your needs
Covenant God is the same today
Call : our God is a covenant God
Reply: He’s a covenant God
Call: our God is  a promise keeper
Reply : He’s a covenant God
Vamp :As long as you believe you shall receive
What he’s promised he’s able to perform
In righteousness, faith and grace
Giving glory to our God
Our God is a covenant God
Vamp 2(ending)
BV’s: Covenant God, covenant God,
ME: you are
BV’s: Covenant God…
ME: you’re the same yesterday, today, forever and ever
BV’s: Covenant God,
Covenant God
Me: yeah…for your shame
BV’s: Covenant God, Covenant God
Me: I”ll give you double
BV’s: Covenant God
Me: I will restore those years
BV’s: Covenant God
ME: that was stolen
BV’s: covenant God