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[New Audio+Video+Lyrics]: Rosemary Akaette – Ukpono {Highest Honour}


Rosemary Akaettte releases another undiluted high sounding song of praise and worship to God that comes from the place of true worship.

UKPONO which means Highest Honour is a contemporary worship song blended with Ibibio/Efik languages, that will touch every hearts and bring them to a place of surrender in worship to our one true King who alone deserves every honour. Man was created to give glory and honour to God.

Ukpono is a declaration that God deserves the Praise, Glory and Honour over every man. Through the high and low, dark, long winding roads of life and the overwhelming storms that never end, Our Father in Heaven is always faithful to deliver us again and again because He is always at the centre of it all.

In her words, ”This is my personal testimony and prayer, that God will continually be the centre of our lives as we give Him All the Glory, Praise and Honour that is due to Him. It is my sincere desire that UKPONO will bring every heart to a place where we will all declare that Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power, be unto him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb forever and ever. Amen!”

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To the God of Heaven and earth

To whom all knee must bow in worship

Father, we join the elders this moment

And bow in honour of Your Great Name

Just to worship You

For who You are…

Thank You Lord


Lord I bring to You

My sacrifice of praise

And I bow to worship You

You have always been

The center of my life

And I give all my worship unto You.


Ukpono, Ata ata Ukpono

(Honour, the Highest Honour) 3xe

Eyene Christ Obong

(All belong to Christ our King)


Kprukpru si dude k’eyong

(All that is in Heaven)

Etuak ibout eno Obong

(Bow in worship to the King)

Kprukpru si dude k’isong

(Let everything that is on earth)

Etoro Christ Obong

(Praise Christ our King)



Ukpono, Ata ata Ukpono

(Honour, the Highest Honour) 3xe

Eyene Christ Obong

(All belong to Christ our King)