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[New Music Video]: Psalmist Samuel – The Light To My Path

the light to my path

Nigerian gospel song lover, songwriter, recording artist and music minister, Psalmist Samuel release another hit and powerful song titled, “THE LIGHT TO MY PATH” after he has released “More than Found” single which was a blessing to people’s Life, so he comes with another one again.

Song Composed and Arranged by Psalmist and Prod by PTD

No matter how long you’ve been experiencing darkness in the room of life, once your faith attracts His attention, no more principalities nor power in the realm the darkness can comprehend the light He will shine to your path and life.

Making Him your Fortress and His secret place your dwelling place for His Light to be made manifest, then you’ll see His Guidance never-ending presence overwhelm your life.

Stream, download, Listen and enjoy this spirit-filled and inspirational song and be blessed.


Eh ee hah Eh ee hah hah aha
Imole Aye Mi oo (The Light of my life)
You’re The Light To My Path

Verse 1:
I’m surrounded by your light
Your shield is all around me
I’m surrounded by your Glory
No evil can befall me
Agbada Ina lofi wo mi bi Asobora (You clothe  me with garment of fire )
So counsels of the Darkness one
Ko ma ni pami Lara (wouldn’t have effect on me)
Apata Igbala mi oo, (The rock of my salvation)
The secret place ti mo farapamo si (where I dwell in)
Ile-Iso agbara emi mi (Strong Tower of my soul)

Chorus :
Iwo ni Imole Aye mi (You’re, The light of my Life)
Apata Igbala mi (The rock of my Salvation)
Ibi Isadi mi /2x (My Fortress)

Verse 2:
When I looked up to your guidance over me
It’s had no end, it’s had no stop
So I lift up my hands to the most high
Where my help is coming from
Latetekose Aye e loti wa funmi (Right from the beginning of Life you’ve
been with me )
Akoni eleru adurotini lojo Ogun lee (Fearful and Mighty Man in Battle)
You’re my strong tower
Nobody can dare to touch me
Even when I walked through the valley of death
You’re there with me

Chorus :
Iwo ni Imole Aye mi (You’re The Light of the Life)
Apata Igbala mi (The Rock of my Salvation)
Ibi Isadi mi (My Fortress)


Even when I closed my eyes
I still see your face shining
Shining, shining all around me
Even when I closed my eyes
I still see your face shining,
Shining, shining to my Path /2x

You’re the treasure that I see
Iwo l’Oju ti mo fi nriran (You’re the eyes that I use to see)
You’re the splendor that I feel
Imole si Ipa ona mi (The Light To My Path)

Chorus :
Iwo ni Imole Aye mi
Apata Igbala mi


Imole Aye eeh mi oooo (The light of my life)