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Download Song- AUDIENCE OF ONE Xtended Worship


Audience of One (Live at Church Xtended)’ is an invitation to the throne room of grace, where God’s face is made apparent. It is a bodacious declaration of a desperate hunger only Jesus can fill. Xtended Worship gathered in March 2021 at Church Xtended to present to God an offering acceptable in his presence without the intention to release.

With only five songs prepared, this daring collective of worship creatives poured out their hearts to God in a posture of obeisance. Out of the five, twelve more expressions and declarations happened spontaneously.

Audience of One’ is a masterpiece of expressions of worship so sincere, every believer must lay hold of. With seventeen songs, including the debut single ‘I Seek You First’, this album promises to be one of the soundtracks of worship for the 21st century.

The Tracklist:
1. The Jesus Song (Spontaneous) featuring Jerrard Peace & Mabongi
2. I Seek You First (featuring Mabongi)
3. My Number One (featuring Mabongi & Yvonne May
4. Here in Your Presence (featuring Mabongi)
5. Here in Your Presence (Reprise) (featuring Mabongi)
6. My Offering (featuring Jerrard Peace & Mabongi)
7. Lord Reveal Yourself/Wonu Aye Mi (featuring Molly Ntshani, Jerrard
Peace & Yvonne May)
8. Let Me See Your Face (Spontaneous) (featuring Jerrard Peace)
9. Just a Man (featuring Jerrard Peace & Mabongi)
10. As it is in Heaven (featuring Jerrard Peace, Yvonne May & Mabongi)
11. As it is in Heaven (Reprise) featuring (Jerrard Peace & Mabongi)
12. Revelation 4 (featuring Jerrard Peace)
13. Revelation 5 (featuring Jerrard Peace
14. To the Lamb (featuring Jerrard Peace & Akani Plaatjies)
15. My Priority (Spontaneous) (featuring Jerrard Peace & Mabongi)
16. Stay Right Here (Spontaneous) (featuring Jerrard Peace)
17. Prayer (featuring Jerrard Peace)
18. Your Name (Spontaneous) (featuring Jerrard Peace & Mabongi)

Who is Xtended Worship Xtended Worship is a collective of worship creatives including the unparalleled Mabongi, their principal songwriter JP Fero (musically known as Jerrard Peace), the effervescent Yvonne May, and many young musicians and vocalists who are poised to release what could be one of the greatest sounds of revival.


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