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Kidnapped Twice, Missionary Priest Returns to Nigeria

After he was kidnapped twice in Nigeria in October, Italian missionary, Maurizio Pallù has returned, attributing his kidnapping to the work of the devil.

Community Mourn British Missionary

Hundreds of residents in a rural community in Delta State of Nigeria have paid homage to the British missionary that died after being abducted earlier this month.

Killers of Missionary Ian Squire Arrested

Dr. Ian Squire was a British volunteer who was kidnapped with three others by the hoodlums, but was killed while the others were freed.

Christian Missionary Killed in Nigeria

The British government on Monday announced the death of one Christian missionary who had been abducted in Nigeria last month.

100,000 Evangelists Arrive Mexico City to Preach Christ

The vast crowd of Christians who descended on Mexico City, went out into the city to evangelize for a full day and night, before heading to Azteca Stadium for a massive worship service.