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Kim Jong Un Invites Pope Francis to North Korea

North Korean Leader, Kim Jong-un, has invited Pope Francis to visit his country, South Korea's government said.

North Korea Agrees To Open Doors To Christianity

North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong-un, has agreed to open its doors to food, medicine and the message of Christ, sources say.

Bibles Sent via Balloons to North Korea

A North Korean defector-activist recently launched balloons from South Korea, containing 1000 flash drives donated by U.S. college and high school students.

Canadian Pastor Released From North Korean Prison

Rev. Hyeon Soo Lim, the Canadian pastor recently freed from imprisonment in North Korea, has shared how he prayed without ceasing.

Christian Woman Who Grew up in North Korea Narrates Her Ordeal

Not only was she scared to touch the Bible but also, her Parents had to hide their Christian faith from the government of Kim Sang-Hwa in North Korea.

Christianity Growing in North Korea Despite Persecution

North Korea is the number one country for most severe persecution of Christians, despite this, there is an increase in people professing faith in Christ.