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Iris Global Ministry in Danger of Attack by Terrorists

An Iris Global Ministry based in Mozambique is in danger of attack by terrorists.

I was Angry at Christmas Posters says Arrested Bomber

I was Angry at Christmas Posters says Arrested Bomber A terrorist who failed in his attempt to bomb a crowded public space has confessed that...

Christmas: Islamic Group Threaten Vatican

An Islamic State-linked group has allegedly vowed to launch a Christmas terrorist attack on the Vatican. This is not the first time that the extremist group has vowed to carry out attacks against the Vatican.

Siblings Kidnapped by Boko Haram Escape

Six siblings kidnapped from Moskota in the Far North region of Cameroon on 17 August have been found near the border with Nigeria by a group of vigilantes.

Francis Laments Recent Terror Attacks

After nearly 40 people were killed in terrorist attacks this week in Somalia, New York and Afghanistan, Pope Francis voiced his sorrow.

Muslim Man Disrupts Christian Conference

A self-proclaimed Muslim man Ehab Jaber, was recently escorted out of a Christian conference after he became disruptive. He proceeded to film a Facebook...