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Praise Fowowe express his opinions about BBnaija

praise fowowe


Praise why have you not commented on BBnaija?

That was the most frequent question I have been bombarded with in the last 2 weeks and I have deliberately kept quiet because i have come to a hard conclusion that the problem of our world is never darkness; our problem is the light that is locked up in 4 walls ‘gyrating’ and excited without shinning.

What you are shouting about on BBnaija is simply a public display of what has been our secret life as a society over the years. We pride ourselves as a religious society but our family life has broken down.

Those girls on BBnaija did not start doing all those because of Bbnaija; it has been a way of life over the years but the bigger questions we should be asking are;

– Who raised them and what level of example did they display to them?
– Who first abused, molested or defiled them to have taken them to a level where what is not normal has become normal to them?
– Who are their family members and what is their role in all of these?
– Which religious houses have they passed through and what exactly was the impact on who they have become?

Until we start asking the real questions we would keep shouting and do nothing.

I have refused to be dragged into slamming what is going on because;

1. You need a conscious effort to come in contact with BBnaija which means you must have subscribed to the station
2. You must have lost the use of the power of your remote control because in there is the ability to flip stations and turn your TV off should it annoy you.

I had to go see the little I have seen on youtube because someone felt i needed to see what was going on and trust me it was an eyesore but haven said that;

– What is our solution?
– Where are the superior content that can hold people spell bound?
– What is our priority as good people and what takes our money as religious and family people?

If what is messing up the minds of our young people is in reality show and our response are mega buildings and mega meetings we must know that while nothing is wrong with those what we need to defeat the BBnaija is another BBnajia with a superior content that can influence young minds in the direction of innovation & not some public display of life in the ‘brothel’ that masks itself as a reality show.

I have not made a lot of noise because i have decided to focus on the change that can happen through me. Darkness will keep being darkness and it will become gross darkness but it is inferior to the quality of light that has decided to shine.

Don’t blame DSTV or the organizers of BBnaija look into the mirror and blame yourself for not doing what is within your power to do which is grooming yourself and taking responsibility for the kids around you.

Praise Fowowe